Fatigue Design 2019 in France, Snelis

The 8th Fatigue Design conference held in 2019 aims to present the most innovative approaches and scientific progress in design methodologies, tools, and equipment’s life extension, focusing on industrial applications. For this edition, a new focus is made on the relation between additive manufacturing and fatigue.


The selected topics concern the various aspects of fatigue design:

  • experimental and numerical design and validation methods,
  • damage tolerance and fatigue life,
  • reliability–based approaches and probabilistic methods,
  • fatigue under severe environmental conditions (corrosion, low temperature,…),
  • nonlinear behavior and cumulative damage,
  • fatigue of assemblies (mechanical, welded, adhesive-bonding, multimaterials,…),
  • composites and elastomers,
  • bio-mechanical and orthopaedic implant,
  • contact fatigue,
  • vibration fatigue,
  • complex loadings,
  • thermal and thermo-mechanical fatigue,taking into account manufacturing process in fatigue analysis(effect of microstructure, welding, residual stresses,…),
  • fatigue of Shape Memory Alloys,
  • additive manufacturing.