Hyperfem method by Step Consulting

Step introduces Hyperfem

Step Consulting introduces a new method of structural verification of plastic components called HYPERFEM.

With the acquisition of Digimat Step Consulting finally makes possible the realistic structural analysis of injection molded plastic components.

Digimat acts as a bridge between two worlds: process analysis and structural analysis; by importing fibers, junction lines and residual stresses into the simulator.

The process

The process, within the Digimat software, consists of four steps through which an in-depth analysis of the model is obtained::

  • Import of data acquired in Moldflow
  • Assignment of the material
  • Transfer and mapping of the orientation of the fibers, from the injection molding process to the structural analysis
  • Updating and analysis of the final model with accurate data

We are able to evaluate the performance of a plastic component, loaded and not, more accurately.

Advantages of the process

  • Highly reliable results
  • Possibility to optimize the weight of components
  • Efficiency in terms of time and costs
  • Better product performance

Digimat software complies with the standards used by most material suppliers.

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